Learn more about our actions to face the challenges imposed by the pandemic, especially in Heliópolis, the largest favela in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Emergency Response

In March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Baccarelli Institute closed its doors and temporarily suspended in-site activities at its headquarters, located in Heliópolis,  the most populous favela in São Paulo and one of the largest in the country. 


Faced with the health and economic crisis that hit the population of this community, the Institute created an emergency assistance front for these families. To create the fund that made it possible to donate food, cleaning products and transfer direct resources, a campaign was created: Playing Together For Heliópolis, which until the end of 2020 distributed more than 400 tons of food also with cleaning and hygiene kits; transferred more than R$829K through pre-paid cards and handed over 12K hot meals, which helped to reduce the suffering of families during the pandemic. In addition, a partnership was also created with CUFA (Central Única das Favelas), so that they could use the institute building as a center for receiving, storing and distributing donations to Heliópolis.

Almost a year after the start of the pandemic, the crisis continues to punishthe crisis generated by the pandemic continues to punish people with less resources. For this reason, the campaign remains open, raising funds for the most needy families and for maintaining the Baccarelli Institute's educational and artistic activities. You can join the movement by donating to the campaign. Click below to find out more.

 Online Activities

The artistic-pedagogical front of the Baccarelli Institute was adapted for a digital version. Through it, students have access to music teaching content over the internet, allowing everyone to continue learning, even when they are at home in isolation. In the program, online classes, video lessons, international master classes, lectures, lives, videos with performances by artistic groups and conversations with students and their families.

Even the youngest children were included, with access to playlists of music activities through the YouTube channel, a network that is already popularly known for offering children's entertainment content, widely accessed by parents and children.

International masterclasses have been an important activity not only for the complementary training of young musicians, but also to promote the institution in the international music scene.


Renowned musicians and teachers from different countries have participated and, in this way, students and professionals from various regions of Brazil and the world have had access to classes with musicians such as Martin Chalifour, spalla of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Sir James Galway, one of the greatest flute soloists of all time. You can support the classes and the future of the students by clicking below and donating. 



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