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Did you know that the first orchestra

in the world that emerged in a favela (slum) is the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra?

Currently 200 thousand people live in Heliópolis, one of the biggest favelas in São Paulo, Brazil.

The social and economic impact of the coronavirus in these areas is startling. And we need your help. 

The Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra started with just 36 components, a few months after a fire that destroyed part of the community. The founder, Maestro Silvio Baccarelli, started the project in 1996 as a way to help that population after the tragedy.


Today, the now called Baccarelli Institute, is a non-profit organization that teaches music to more than 1200 children and young people in the area. The project has expanded and today it opens the doors of its headquarters to help the families of the residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

Currently 200 thousand people live in Heliópolis, one of the biggest favelas in São Paulo. And they now face a new danger: the coronavirus.


A harsh reality in Brazil, favelas are home to a large portion of the country's population. The houses in this impoverished neighbourhoods are clustered by the irregular alleys.


The inhabitants often share their bedrooms with several people. It is normal to find 6, 8, 10 people huddled, in poorly ventilated houses, in rooms with no windows. Not to mention the precarious water supply and sewage treatment systems.

It is a breeding ground for the virus to spread at high speed.


Other than that, about 82% of them have already had a drop or loss of income due to the pandemic. Residents are already dealing with hunger as they have lost their jobs - which in most cases come from autonomous and informal work on the streets, interrupted by the actions of social isolation.


In short, the social and economic impact on favelas is startling.


Especially when the number of cases in Brazil is worryingly increasing. That is why we've decided to take a step forward to raise funds and act more urgently.

The music continues to happen from a distance. But the focus is on preventing deaths and fighting hunger.


All funds received are being converted into food, cleaning and hygiene products, as well as income transfer through prepaid cards so that they can afford basic living costs, such as: food, cooking gas and medicines.

Any help is welcome at this time to support this population already so punished by social inequality. That now suffers even more in the face of this huge crisis.


We count on you, who can contribute and reduce the suffering of thousands of people.


People so important to us. Faces that until recently we could see in rehearsals, on stages and in audiences, and that today only struggle to survive.


Your help is very important.
And we will be immensely grateful to be able to continue

Playing Together for Heliópolis.

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