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Students in children's music class


Music Programs

The Baccarelli Institute has a team of more than 70 highly qualified music professionals, with artistic direction by conductor Isaac Karabtchevsky.

All students participate in weekly classes in music education, singing/ choirs and instruments and still have the opportunity to take master classes with renowned musicians from around the world.

They also have the chance to play in the main concert halls in the city, as well as in different cultural spaces and large events. The concerts, in addition to their artistic relevance, also have an important pedagogical side, as they enable musical practice with the public and assess the performance of each student. Not to mention that they contribute to the democratization of culture, offering quality music programming.  

Music Introduction Classes

Students and teacher sit in a circle in a children's music room

18 classes attended per year

Children from 4 to 6 years old

In order to develop musicality, sensitivity, auditory perception, psychomotricity, rhythmic sense, spatial and temporal perception plus sociability, in addition to stimulating children's creativity and reasoning, the course also uses the Dalcroze rhythmic technique - a method that associates musical melody with body language.

Music Introduction Classes are the gateway for children who arrive at the Baccarelli Institute interested in learning music. The program created in 2011, is aimed at children aged 4 and 6, who are part of the public school system in the Heliópolis community. The proposal is to build knowledge through experience and practical exploration, before the theoretical introduction of musical concepts. Teachers prepare recreational activities using teaching instruments, puppets, fabrics, educational toys, music, and present the children with a magical, musical, unprecedented world - full of possibilities.

Teacher with children in children's music class

With a diverse repertoire, the choirs have already performed in important cultural spaces in São Paulo such as Sala São Paulo, Teatro Alfa, Municipal Theater of São Paulo, Morumbi Stadium, São Bento Monastery, Páteo do Colégio and Catedral da Sé, among others . Other than that, there is a special class for vocal technique fellows, for more advanced students and those who intend to pursue a career.

Children of Coral Heliópolis perform on stage

Choral Singing Classes

Children and teenagers in choir rehearsal

16 classes attended per year

Children and young people from 7 to 25 years old

An indispensable program in the curriculum of students at  the Baccarelli Institute, choral singing classes offer vocal technique, posture, breathing, scenic expression, perception and musical theory - essential for musical training. Divided between pre-choir, children's choir, youth choir, intermediate choir and advanced choir, the groups practice activities that also focus on the developing values for life in society, all that in a pleasant way of learning. 

Instrument Teaching Classes

The Baccarelli Institute allows children and young people from Heliópolis to study the classic instrument of their choice. In parallel to the choral singing classes, students have collective instrument classes and, subsequently, individual improvement classes. In parallel and according to their pedagogical development, students become part of one of the four orchestras formed by the institution.

Students and teachers in violin class
Young man assists child with cello

44 instrument teaching classes

+ 200 students in individual instrument lessons
Children and young people from 7 to 25 years old

The institute's instrument teachers are among the best professionals in the country and also in the world, members of important orchestras and teachers in renowned schools and universities.

Heliópolis Orchestras 

Orchestra of Young Musicians

The Heliópolis Orchestras make up the program of orchestral practice and the knowledge of symphonic repertoire of the Baccarelli Institute.

They include the Children's, Preparatory and Youth Orchestras Heliópolis, in addition to the main group, the Symphonic Orchestra Heliópolis, conducted by the great conductor Isaac Karabtchevsky, who is also the artistic director of all of them.

​4 orchestral groups

Children and young people aged 7 to 25 years

The groups are committed to promoting the democratization of orchestral music. With joviality and energy, the orchestras move with versatility through the universes of classical music and popular music, maintaining a high standard of excellence. To learn more about our main group, the Heliópolis Symphonic Orchestra, click below.

Heliópolis Youth Orchestra and conductor Edilson Ventureli - Instituto Baccarelli
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